Super Prostate Health is Actually Very Simple

It's very simple. Science shows there is one key compound - Beta-Sitosterol - that has been proven in multiple, published human clinical studies. (See clinical study list and citations at bottom of page.) These studies show that by taking Beta-Sitosterol, men improve their prostate health by over 352% - including improved bladder emptying, fewer nighttime bathroom trips, stronger urinary flow, and many other dramatic improvements to men with bloated and irritated prostates. It is truly a sensational product for your prostate health, as you will learn.

The problem has been finding the best source of Beta-Sitosterol, and finding out which products REALLY contain it...because as our lab testing revealed, many of the companies LIE about what their pills really contain. Plus many companies use cheap imitation "Beta-Sitosterol" from China and India that is worthless. But now you have all the answers right here with lab test results on our incredible website.

So watch Larry King's video, look around the website and learn why a special form of Beta-Sitosterol from France can provide significant prostate support so you can maintain your prostate health as you age.

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Products Reviewed
Rating The Prostate Pills

There are over 172 prostate products on the market and most of them, as you will soon learn, aren't very good. And many are just, worthless garbage. But luckily, a decent number are very good, and some are excellent.

It was impossible to truly know which products would help and which would not. So we bought them all and had them all analyzed at four of the top laboratories in the United States to find out which ones were real and which ones were just baloney. Cost a fortune. But it was worth it. So now you can see for yourself what these pills REALLY contain.

Top 5 Pills
These are the Best of the Best!

Out of the over 172 natural prostate products we evaluated, these five represent those that would be the most beneficial to you. Whether you are trying to relieve an immediate prostate problem or looking to maintain your prostate health, these supplements are the best of the best.
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    1 Larry King's #1 Rated Prostate Pill - Prostagenix

    It just won the prestigious prostate review with the highest score in their 22-year history. We have had rated it #1 since it came to America in 2017. ProstaGenix features a rare form of high potency beta-sitosterol from the pine trees found in the famous Landes Forest in France. They are the only product with it. It is the EXACT same compound in the famous clinical studies. If you get up at night to go more than 3 times - this will stop it.

    Improves sexual health as well. Lab tests show it has 852 mg of this high potency beta-sitosterol in EACH serving. Incredible. This was the highest lab score recorded. Tower Urology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles - the #7 rated hospital in the country - gives it to their patients. That's a VERY big deal. Many superstar athlete's (Joe Montana, Franco Harris, Rick Barry, Ron Cey, Freddy Lynn, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, Mark Rypien and many more ) and Hollywood superstars (James Caan, Eric Roberts and others) have publicly praised it. Top rated for a reason.

    See Lab Report on Prostagenix
    2 Larry King's #2 Rated Prostate Pill - Vasotrexx

    The eye-popping laboratory score is what rocketed this product up to second place in the rankings. Also, Vasotrexx is the only product to use a "caffeine free" version of Green Tea Extract, which tells you they know exactly what they are doing. A winning product that will deliver great results!

    See Lab Report on Vasotrexx
  • PROS-T
    3 Larry King's 3rd Top Rated Prostate Pill LifeSeasons PROS-T

    This rock-solid formula from the LifeSeasons company in Texas came up BIG in the all-important laboratory tests. Comes in a soft-gel capsule and sold at Whole Foods stores nationwide. High lab scores and smart formula make this product top notch.

    See Lab Report on PROS-T
    4 Larry King's 4th Rated Prostate Pill PROS-TEROL

    For years the company UniScience Group has been saying their Pros-Terol was jam-packed with vital sterols that are far more powerful and effective than Saw Palmetto capsules. Their outstanding lab test score shows they can back up their claims. Super product with a nice mixture of ingredients. Excellent.

    See Lab Report on PROS-TEROL
  • Super Prostate 3x
    5  Larry King's 5th Top Rated Prostate Pill - Super Prostate 3x

    Super Prostate 3X is one of the newer prostate supplements on the market and it's a winner! Lab scores blew away most of the prostate industry heavy hitters. Like all the Top 5, this super product doesn't use any weak or over-rated ingredients. Smart. This formula has a great future ahead of it.

    See Lab Report on Super Prostate 3x
The 7 Smart Steps To A Healthy Prostate Guatantee 7 Steps

          There are a number of important habits you should develop in order to make your prostate healthy for as long as possible.

          Taking a top supplement and a well formulated daily vitamin is certainly crucial, but what else you should be doing? Make sure you read these 7 secrets to prostate health and happiness.

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Larry King's9 Mistakes 9 Major Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Want To Improve Prostate Health

          No man wants to have prostate problems. Just think how great life would be if you didn't have to constantly go to the bathroom... if you could get a good night's sleep without getting up all the time... imagine having erections like you did in your 20's and 30's... how wonderful you would feel to end the urgency and the burning... and how great it would be to help promote prostate health for as long as possible.

          Well, our staff has put together a number of tips and strategies for you to maximize your prostate health for as long as possible. Check out these 9 steps that will start helping you today!

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Drug Stores Are Lying To You! Secret Lab Report Exposes What Your
Local Drugstore is REALLY Selling You!
  • Nature's Bounty Saw Palmetto

    Nature's Bounty Saw Palmetto
         We were surprised and disappointed by the lab test this product produced. Waste of money.

    The SHOCKING Lab
    Analysis Results

    Read More
  • NSolaray Prostate Blend SP-16

    Solaray Prostate Blend SP-16
         Another product that underperformed tremendously in lab tests.

    The SHOCKING Lab
    Analysis Results

    Read More
  • Rite Aid ProstaMen Plus

    Rite Aid ProstaMen Plus
         You would think a national chain like Rite Aide would give its customers a good product at a good price, right? Wrong. The lab test was a joke.

    The SHOCKING Lab
    Analysis Results

    Read More
  • Finest Nutrition Saw Palmetto

    Finest Nutrition Saw Palmetto
         Not much "fine" about this product at all - all talk no action! The lab report will upset you if you are taking this product.

    The SHOCKING Lab
    Analysis Results

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Research, Not Marketing Hype,
Delivers The Answers.

In addition to conducting the largest testing of prostate supplements ever done anywhere in the world, my research team and I relied on published clinical studies, interviews with top urologists, scientists, as well as many top books on the subject, some of which are pictured here. You will see on the FAQ page, details and findings from these studies, books and journals.

5 Fast Facts You Will Learn on This Website

  • 1. Saw Palmetto does not work - total waste of money.
  • 2. Beta-sitosterol - the right kind - is the #1 ingredient by far. Multiple studies prove it.
  • 3. Lycopene does not work - Harvard Medical School study shows it's a total fraud.
  • 4. Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Sugar and Yogurt are the five worst foods for your prostate.
  • 5. Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin to maintain prostate health - Not best ingredient - Best vitamin. Beta-sitosterol is the #1 ingredient by far.

If I had one minute to tell my father or best friend the 5 key things to know about how to improve his prostate health, it would be these five things here above. You will learn much more - but these five can help you cut to the chase to improve your prostate health quicker than you probably thought possible.

Larry King Interviews Fred Buckley

On the set with the legendary Larry King for the taping of his special investigative report on the research we did on prostate supplements. Pictured with Larry are Fred Buckley and his wife, Corinne Buckley.

Lab Test Results For 15 of the Most Popular Products SOLD IN AMERICA TODAY!
Covance Labs Laboratory Analysis

     Here is a quick look at the lab score of 15 of the most heavily advertised prostate supplements on the market today. We tested for a number of ingredients, but the beta-sitosterol test was the most important. If you don't have a good beta-sitosterol score, then the rest of the formula doesn't even matter. Beta-sitosterol is the number one most important ingredient - by far - as you will discover. The mg total next to each product is the the true amount amount of beta-sitosterol the lab test recorded in each serving. Maybe a product you have tried in the past or one you are taking now is here in this group. You can see each products lab test on their individual review. There are over 172 lab tests and reviews here on the website.

  • Super Beta Prostate: 197 mg
  • Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced: 293 mg
  • GNC Mens Prostate Formula: 199 mg
  • Rite Aid Prosta Men's Plus: 3 mg - yes only a lousy 3 mg
  • Force Factor Prostate (sold at at Walmart): 7 mg
  • Prosvent: 63 mg
  • Dr. Julian Whitaker's Prostate Health: only 39 mg
  • ProstaLex Plus: 61 mg
  • Prost 8 For Men: 69 mg
  • ProstaGenix: 852 mg. (winner of the competition)
  • 1MD Prostate MD: 0 mg - yes ZERO
  • US Doctors Clinical Prostata: 1 mg - 4 million sold with 1 mg - disgraceful
  • Prostate Pro 0 mg - yes ZERO
  • Prosta Flex: 0 mg - yes Zero - just another scam
  • Advance BioNutritionals Advanced Prostate Formula (big mail order company from Georgia): 1 mg - yes just 1mg - not very advanced is it!

     The prostate supplement market is filled with scams that not only cost you money but more importantly stop you from getting the prostate help you really need.

     We show you all the tricks of the trade so you don't get ripped off by some piece of mail in your mailbox that promises you the moon, how to tell if an offer is too good to be true, and we identify some specific scams that you should avoid at all costs. Take a few minutes and learn this valuable information.

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Two Human Clinical Studies on The Effects of Beta-Sitosterol on Prostate Health. Both Where Published In The Famous British Medical Journal The Lancet. Beta-Sitosterol - Prostate Health PDF Beta-Sitosterol - Prostate Review PDF

There have been many published studies done which document the positive benefits beta-sitosterol has for prostate health. More studies are citied below on this page, but these are the two most famous.