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Prostate Essentials

By: Simply Nutra
  • Solid Lab Scores
  • 365mg of Total Sterols
  • Good Product
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Prostate Essentials

Another on of the Internet products that produced surprisingly good lab results. Normally the products sold on eBay and Amazon only tend to be very sub-standard, but this product cranked out very good lab score. As you will see below it had an overall sterol score of 365 mg and Beta-sitosterol score of 182 mg. The formula is also filled with a number of other ingredients – some very helpful – like Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Vitamins E and B6. But it also has a bunch of other ingredients that are merely window dressing – that is low mg level of a large number of ingredients to give the product an appearing of superiority and complexity so the consumer thinks he is getting a great value. Cast that gimmick aside in this case because the most important elements are we this product score better than most. A solid product that can help your prostate.

Prostate Essentials Supplement Facts

Prostate Essentials supplement facts


Prostate Essentials Lab Report:

Prostate Essentials lab report