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Prostagenix - Our #1 Rated Product!

Our #1 Rated Product!

Review Highlights:
Rated #1
  • Highest Lab Test Score
  • Exclusive Formulation Yields Top Results
  • Key ingredient Imported From France

Manufacturer: Verified Nutrition
Pills Per Bottle: 90 Capsules
Suggested Dose: Three a day with or without a meal

Men love this product. It works fast. It lowers PSA scores. It relieves nighttime urination. It makes your stream more powerful, reduces urgency and provides a number of other prostate benefits you will not get from other products. And one of America's leading urologists, Dr. Dudley Danoff - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Tower Urology. Dr. Danoff is a graduate of Princeton and Yale University of Medicine. (See more on Dr. Danoff below). While many celebrities and retired pro athletes have endorsed ProstaGenix, having one of the top urologists in the country is a far greater testament to the effectiveness of the product than a famous celebrity - not there is anything wrong with celebrities.

It is extremely potent. It's proved its purity by getting the highest laboratory score at all four independent laboratory testing facilities where it was tested. Not only did it win our now-famous laboratory testing, but it won by a significant margin. Even the laboratory technicians who conducted over 350 of these tests were a little surprised at how high it scored. But when we looked “under the hood” and analyzed all the facts on this formula, it all made sense why it works so well.

So before getting into a long analysis of their formula and the importance of their ingredients which you will see below, let’s highlight some of the key reasons why Prostagenix received the number one rating and how it can help you to finally say goodbye to your prostate problems.

Here below are just a few of the many video testimonials they have on their website. Real customers can give you a better idea of how good a product works. Real men say more than any advertisement. They have tons of these videos, while all the other companies have what are obviously actors who don't give their last name. They guys, and the others on their website are obviously not actors, but actual customers. You can see dozens more on their website and literally hundreds of real success stories. Pretty impressive.

“My PSA Went From 26 to 11”

Robert Barasch

70’s, Retired Law Enforecement,

New York

“Was Getting Up 3 Times a Night.... Not Anymore”

Bobby Reid

60’s, Retired Corrections Officer,

Suffern, New York

“Worked in Only 2 weeks. Was going every 20 - 30 minutes”

Ken Smith

Retired Navy and School Teacher,

Stratford, Missouri

Why ProstaGenix is the Top Rated Prostate Pill

Here are the specific reasons why it works so well and why we are proud to name it our highest rated pill.

It contains the highest amount of Beta-Sitosterol of any of the other product we tested. And we tested all of them! ProstaGenix has 824 mg per dose. Second place has 548 mg per dose; third place has 389 mg per dose. So as you can see, the gap even between the top three is quite large (the second and third place products are also outstanding). The highest possible amount of Beta-Sitosterol is so important is because all of the published clinical studies on prostate supplements show that Beta-Sitosterol is far and away the single most effective compound for improving your prostate. It is head and shoulders above all other ingredients.

Beta-Sitosterol in a Nutshell

Elsewhere on this website you'll find a great amount of detail explaining why Beta-Sitosterol is as a close to a “magic bullet” for your prostate as there is. I identify all of the clinical studies from medical centers and universities from around the world, so you can read all of it if you want. But here is the “Cliff Notes” version of why Beta-Sitosterol is the key to prostate health, and this remarkable ProstaGenix formula:

Beta-Sitosterol is a sterol found in plants and vegetables. Because of its chemical structure, it is a natural “alpha blocker” and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. These two things are the keys to reducing the size of a swollen prostate and keeping it from further swelling. It delivers a one-two knockout punch to your prostate that Mike Tyson would be proud of.

They work to relax your prostate so it is easier for you to urinate. And they work to reduce the swelling of your prostate, this also makes it easier to urinate, empty your bladder, and get a host of other nagging prostate issues.

For example here is one study on Beta-Sitosterol:

The significant prostate-relieving power of Beta-Sitosterol was confirmed in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet. In a study of 200 men with Benign prostate enlargement, half the group took 180 mg of Beta-Sitosterol daily, while the other half received a placebo.

After three months, the Beta-Sitosterol group experienced significant improvements. They saw their symptoms decrease by nearly 50%! Their urine flow increased 35%! Voiding time plummeted 32%! And their IPSS (International Prostate Symptom Score) decreased by a whopping 351%, with an average score decrease of 7.4 points. (the lower your score the better). These are major improvements in urine flow! Again, they had an overall improvement of 351%.

And in a follow-up study on these men, their improvements were maintained for an additional 18 months of observation.

Numerous other studies show similar and even better outcomes. Some of the studies on Beta-Sitosterol given at doses of much more than 180 mg have had sensational results. It seems the higher the amount taken daily directly correlates to better results. Also, there has not been one single published clinical study on Beta-Sitosterol that concludes it does not help your prostate. Every single study shows it works. That’s probably why it is contained in several leading European prescription drugs. It has been prescribed by doctors in Europe to millions of men for over 25 years, while it is still relatively new to America.

ProstaGenix Transforms Your Prostate Situation

When you talk about specific benefits and results achieved by using Prostagenix, you should look to the IPSS, as mentioned above. The IPSS is the International Prostate Symptom Score. It applies a standardized measuring criteria used worldwide. It consists of seven questions about symptoms related to BPH and urinary issues. It is used to measure a man’s prostate problems and rate them as either mild, moderate or severe. Men using Prostagenix report improvement in all seven areas measured by the I-PSS.

These benefits include:
  • Dramatically reduced nighttime bathroom trips... no more constantly getting up to go at night.
  • More complete bladder emptying... no more feeling like you still have to go.
  • Reduced frequency... You won’t be looking for a men’s room all the time.
  • Powerful urine flow. Eliminated dribbling of a weak stream...You are going to feel like a race horse when you pee! Power will be back.
  • Less stopping and straining... No more standing at the urinal for 10 minutes at a time stopping and starting with little spurts.
  • Eliminates that feeling of you “having to go” all the time... it’s time to relax!
  • Sleep soundly again. Start getting a good night sleep again and wake up energized and alert, not tired because you had to get up several times to go to the bathroom.

A Massive Study of 35,239 Men Reveals Grape Seed Extract is Crucial For Your Long Term Prostate Health

ProstaGenix is one of the few formulas that also contains Grape Seed Extract. It is extremely important for long-term prostate health, a famous large scale study revealed. Grape Seed Extract is derived from ground-up seeds of red wine grapes. So like grapes, it is rich in antioxidants, which soak up damaging free radicals in the body that can build up and promote cancer cell growth.

An epidemiological study in Washington State found that men who used Grape Seed Extract reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by 41%. The participants were 35,239 males, 50–76 years of age, in a study called the “VITamins And Lifestyle (VITAL) cohort.”

This study was designed to investigate the associations of the use of vitamins, minerals, and specialty supplements with cancer risk. Grape Seed Extract was the only one of the supplements surveyed that showed a clear risk reduction for prostate cancer. No comparable risk reduction was noted from the use of other well known supplements, including: Coenzyme Q-10, Fish Oil, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng or Saw Palmetto. So in other words, none of these other natural compounds studied worked, but Grape Seed Extract had remarkable success. 41% is huge.

So considering that Prostagenix includes a strong dose of it in their formula, it truly has been masterfully designed.

No “Over-Hyped” Saw Palmetto in these Pills

It has no Saw Palmetto in its formula. The single biggest myth surrounding natural prostate products is that Saw Palmetto helps relieve prostate problems. It does not. There were a few studies on Saw Palmetto that got major publicity that showed that Saw Palmetto relieved prostate problems in men. It is true there were a few studies like this. But what is not told to consumers is that Saw Palmetto used in these studies were “super extracted” and were the equivalent of taking like 1,000 capsules a day. It is a joke. That’s why if you have tried Saw Palmetto, it didn’t make a dent in your prostate issues.

Beta-Sitosterol is 3,000 times stronger than Saw Palmetto. This was confirmed in an independent laboratory analysis of 12 Saw Palmetto extracts published in the Journal of Official Analytical Chemists. It has also been reported in multiple studies. That’s 3,000 to 1. Just think of Saw Palmetto as a scrawny little 125 pound weakling and Beta-Sitosterol as a 6’4” 235 pound, All Pro NFL linebacker … who do you think is going to win that fight? No contest.

Real Men Reveal Incredible Prostate Transformations

Another reason Prostagenix is rated number one is because they have thousands of customer testimonials detailing how it has changed their life. They cite lowered PSA scores... they used words like... "miracle"... "life-changing"... "incredible"... "was a skeptic now living proof"... "my doctor can’t believe it"... "only thing that worked"... These are thousands of testimonials... guys from age 47 to 88. Their website alone has over 100 testimonials from actual customers, including some that are jaw dropping.

In an industry where many of the testimonials in brochures, on websites and even in television ads are 100% fake (one company actually had a man dressed as a doctor in their TV advertisement pretending to be a licensed medical doctor, when in fact he was just an actor!), the testimonials on the ProstaGenix website are incredible. Most of these testimonials list the customers first and last name and his city and state. More importantly, they are 100% authentic - we checked.

If you go to their testimonials page, be prepared to spend some time there because there are so many to read and some of them are quite long. But they bring to light just how well this product works. They are worth reading so you can "hear" men describe their situation and how it changed after taking Prostagenix. I bet you read one that sounds similar to the situation you are in right now.

Another great sign in favor of ProstaGenix is that it is endorsed by some of the most prominent scientists and medical doctors in the country.

BetaRexin Imported From France Is The REAL Key

ProstaGenix has the exclusive rights to BetaRexin, the purest form of Beta-Sitosterol known to exist anywhere in the world. Sadly, most Beta-Sitosterol used in supplements today comes from China and is often very poor quality, offering little value. It is used by many manufacturers because it is dirt cheap.

But BetaRexin is a 99% extract of Beta-Sitosterol. That is incredibly pure. Prior to BetaRexin, a 45% extract was considered very good, until the “French Connection” was made and BetaRexin was brought to America. This was the moment everything changed in the prostate industry! This is the most potent source in the world. This helps explain why their laboratory scores were so high and why it is so popular with men.

It is imported from the famous Landes Forest on the French coast where the forest meets the Atlantic Ocean. The location is directly above the famed Bordeaux wine region. The soil has no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism), no pesticides, and no chemicals.

Mayo Clinic Study on Quercetin Reveals Good News

The formula also contains Quercetin is another reason it is ranked number one. Worldwide, only a handful of the prostate supplements contain Quercetin. Most waste their cap space on garbage like Saw Palmetto, Maca, Lycopene, and Ginseng. Quercetin is a potent and proven plant-derived antioxidant, (mostly from red onions and apples) but it is not yet well known to the general public. But I guarantee you will hear much more about this super effective supplement in the future because more and more studies are coming out confirming the prostate health benefits it provides. The “buzz” among the researchers I talk to is that Quercetin is far more valuable for prostate health than we imagined, but it hasn’t been the subject of hundreds of studies as Beta-Sitosterol has. However, there are a handful of studies and they do show great promise.

Studies in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, Urology, and the Japanese journal Daizu Tanpakushitsu Kenkyukai Kaishi show that Quercetin can help promote prostate health. A study at the Mayo Clinic, published in Carcinogenesis, suggests that Quercetin may have real value in fighting against prostate cancer. Quercetin is a beneficial supplement for many other reasons in addition to being an excellent antioxidant.

Rock Solid Guarantee

Because the makers of Prostagenix offer the strongest money-back-guarantee in the industry, is another reason. It is a complete 90-day money back guarantee. Most companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and a few offer a 60-day money back guarantee. But this product comes with a full 90-Day guarantee. They make this 90-day guarantee because they can. Because they know their product works. The companies with a 30-day guarantees know they are selling you a cheap product that won’t work, so they figure you won’t be able to tell in 30 days if their product works or not. They figure they can “ beat you” and it will be too late for you to get your money back. But ProstaGenix states, “We want our customers to be able to use it without fear of being under some sort of time pressure. We know it works, and it works much quicker than 90 days, but we want everyone to be comfortable and not feel pressured. We have a very strong guarantee, but it’s a guarantee most guys never use, because they are too happy with the results ProstaGenix delivers for them.”

No Bait and Switch Tactics

Because ProstaGenix does not try and get you to become a client with a “bait and switch” free bottle gimmick like you see with many other companies. These are the “mega hyped” offers from the industry “carnival barkers” that get you to pay a few bucks for a “free bottle”, but often hide in the small print that you will be charged $79 for a one month supply just a short time after. There is none of that nonsense with Prostagenix.

Dr. Dudley Danoff
Dudley Danoff, MD


  • Princeton University, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude; Society of Sigma XI

Medical School

  • Yale University School of Medicine. Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society
yale university
Yale University
School of Medicine

Professional Societies

  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS) Diplomate – American Board of Urology
  • Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons
  • Societe Internationale D’Urologie
  • International College of Surgeons
  • Society of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgery
princeton university
Princeton University

Honors and Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton University
  • Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University
  • Society of Sigma XI, Scientific Honorary Society
  • Judas L. Magnes Medalist, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honorary Society
  • Anti-Defamation League, Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Award
  • Sheba Medical Center, Israel –Albert Schweitzer Award
  • Israel Cancer Research Foundation (I.C.R.F.) Excellence in Medicine Award, 1998
  • Appointed Urology Surgeon-in-Chief to His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyades, King of Thailand Endowed Chairs
  • The Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D., Chair in Urologic Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Bottom Line

This product is a true superstar and we would like to congratulate Verified Nutrition and their formulation team for having created ProstaGenix. It is the clear choice as the top prostate product that produces dramatic results for any man with prostate issues. If you are having prostate problems, you ought to give ProstaGenix a try, you have nothing to lose. 30 days from now your life could be completely changed.

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