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Scams Exposed

Prostate Pill Scams Exposed

Prostate pill scams are at an all-time high. There have never been more scams in the prostate industry than there are today. It's getting out of control. The con men are making cash hand-over-fist with new tricks and gimmicks. "Crash and Burn" boiler rooms selling bogus prostate pills are everywhere.

More men are getting ripped off today than ever before.

But by being here right now - you will now be bulletproof to fraud because I'm going to show you all the scams and frauds out there by name! I'll show you how to avoid getting ripped off.

The real sad part about the scam artists isn't the money you lose ... it's the valuable TIME you lose.

Say you buy some dog shit pill because you were fooled by some slick con artists - the tragedy isn't the $50 or $100 or $200 that you lose. The tragedy is that your prostate only gets worse and worse - and once you have prostate troubles, you need to act fast before it gets out of control. The longer you have prostate troubles, the harder it is to fix. That is the real problem - the valuable time you waste on scams.

So let's get to it:

Here are some highlights. And remember - I couldn't attack these products and companies if what I am saying wasn't true and I didn't have the proof. It's all true - I hate these scumbags for ripping guys off - guys like me and my Dad and my friends - well, I'm not afraid to call out all these con men - they are the scum of the earth for making money by promising men to help them with a serious health problem.

The Dirty Dozen

Top Scam products on the market right now. You can read about them in-depth on the profile page I have done on each of them or in my Free Guide:

1. Prostadine - It's the single biggest prostate pill scam of all-time! Claims to be a secret liquid formula that astronauts use to pee in space. It's total BS. (Real quick speaking of astronauts - the great Buzz Aldrin is a longtime customer of ProstaGenix). Prostadine has ads all over Facebook and everywhere you look. See the video I did about this scam here. In a nutshell, they advertise a long video to sell this snake oil. The video features a man claiming to be a researcher at Stanford who invented this miracle prostate formula. He says his name is Jeremy Moore. It's a lie. He is not a researcher at Stanford. He is really an actor named Franceso Pultro. And all the men in this long video who give glowing testimonials claiming Prostadine fixed their prostate problems - they are all actors too. I show their real names and acting profiles so you can see how fake they are. What kind of lowlife takes money to lie to men with prostate problems to trick them into buying a worthless product - pure scum. The lab test on this showed this "liquid" is literally just oil and water. What else would you expect from a liars like this. It's a massive scam - avoid it like the plague.

2. Fluxactive Complete and Active Flow - These two super frauds are right behind Prostadine as massive frauds. They all have long videos - they use actors pretending to have discovered some miracle prostate cure, and the lab tests I did on both products show they have ZERO of the ingredients in them that they talk about in their bogus videos. They are powder in a bottle. If you got sucked in by any of these - don't feel bad - these guys are professional con men and many men have been taken in by these crooks. The good news is that you are at the #1 site in the world for accurate prostate information that will help you.

3. ProstaStream - scored ZERO on lab tests - part of a group of scam products hiding behind mail drops in Wyoming, Colorado and Ohio. Features a long video that is literally lie after lie after lie. Should be in jail, these crooks.

4. Havasu Saw Palmetto - Sold on Amazon thanks to over 10,000 fake reviews and a bull shit endorsement from that was PAID for. Saw Palmetto does not work. Again - saw palmetto does not work - you can read all about it on this website.

5. Prostate Pro - Prosta Plex - Vital Flow - Vital Prostate - Prostate Plus + - These five products are worthless. Lab tests show they are powder in a bottle. Literally, all five scored ZERO in the lab test. It's a massive scam using long videos that feature fake doctors - they are just low-rent actors pretending to be doctors. The claims are insane - literally just making stuff up out of thin air. If you are fooled into buying this crap, they then try and sell you all kinds of other crap - they are worthless too - the whole thing is a sick scam by some scumbags who want to get rich and drive a Rolls Royce and live in a mansion - all by screwing men out of their health.

6. Gorilla Flow - Massive fraud. Long video filled with lies. Product scored a ZERO in the lab test. Like all scams - good luck getting your money back. Total waste of time.

7. Prostate 911 - More powder in a bottle. They use a pathetic bought and paid for chiropractor in Texas as their "expert" - it's all BS. The pills scored a ZERO - literally ZERO on the lab test. That means the pills are filled with worthless powder.

8. Nugenix Full Potency Prostate - See how we busted them using company employees and actors pretending to be real customers and using fake names. What scumbags. They go out of their way to act all honest and take shots at others when in fact, they got caught lying red-handed. The product is actually better than average - but their scummy billing practices of getting you in their auto-ship program and charging $64 a bottle is a joke. Sleazy - see the profile page on them.

9. Super Beta Prostate - The famous Consumer Reports magazine did a cover story on supplements in September 2020, and Super Beta Prostate was the focal point of the story. That's because Super Beta Prostate recorded the highest number of Adverse Events Reports to the FDA of any supplement in history. Not just prostate supplement - any supplement - over 1,000 reports. #1 complaint was men reported pissing blood!! Yikes! They also got busted using over 20 PAID Actors in their TV ads and claiming they were real customers or actual customers. See the review page on them.

10. Prostate MD - total nonsense. Slick scam. Saw Palmetto product - worthless - totally. They feature 3 testimonials in their slick 30-minute video - and guess what - all three are paid actors. In fact, one of them also appears as an actor in Super Beta Prostate TV ads. They also use a FAKE review website - copying my site - but it's a massive scam - see their review.

11. Saw Palmetto Products - They do not work. See my in-depth explanation on the FAQ page or read the Prostate MD review. Saw Palmetto doesn't work. Two massive studies show - one 72-week study and one 52-week study, on hundreds of men BOTH concluded that saw palmetto works no better than a fake pill. It's literally worthless.

12. Beta Sitosterol from China - Not all Beta Sitosterol is the same. Prior to 2017, 95% of the Beta Sitosterol sold in America came from China. Ironically, most of it came from Wuhan, China - where COVID started. So while the legitimate science and real-world results show that Beta Sitosterol is the number one ingredient to shrink your prostate - most of it is cheap crap from China. The lab tests show this. Only about 15 -20 products in America have decent amounts of this key ingredient.

Here are more scams to look out for:

Fake Customer Testimonials - Our investigative team discovered that MANY companies use paid actors to pretend to be customers. Most surprising was Super Beta Prostate. In all their TV ads and on their websites right now for BOTH Super Beta Prostate and Their SBP Advanced - every "real user" or "real customer" is actually a paid actor pretending to be a customer. 15 million bottles sold and they can't get any customers to give a testimonial? They have used fake testimonials for years! Wow. And Prostate MD - the latest prostate super scam also only uses paid actors. And the "super crooks" of the industry selling the worthless garbage products Prosta Stream, Prosta Plex, Prostate Plus+ and VitalFlow ... they all use fake testimonials, and also Fake doctors, and of course ...worthless ingredients. Only a handful of products have real customer testimonials. ProstaGenix has tons of real customer videos on their website and in their TV ads.

New York Attorney General - In 2015, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ran an undercover sting operation on GNC, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens to secretly purchase and conduct a laboratory test of the ingredients in six different groups of supplements and see if the lab test matched the label. One of the supplements types was prostate supplements. A.G. Schneiderman got the idea from Fred Buckley - creator of this website and inventor of the concept of testing products against their labels. The 2015 sting showed that over 80% of the prostate supplements found in these stores not only didn't match the product label - but they didn't even have "a trace" of the main active ingredient. For example Saw Palmetto. If the label claimed 300 mg of saw palmetto - the lab test showed that 8 of the 10 products sold in these stores had ZERO saw palmetto. (

Buckley was awarded the prestigious National Health Hero Award in 2015 by the National Health Federation for his work. ( You will see here on our comprehensive website we have a section on Lab Reports. We test every product and our "secret test concept" was smart enough that the the A.G. Schneiderman did it too after reviewing our research. Remember, ...lab tests don't lie.

Lying About Ingredients - Many companies lie about what is really contained in their product. What they say on the label is NOT what is in the bottle. That is why I spent so much money on lab tests to showcase the good companies and expose the bad companies. I tested and ranked every product based on scientific lab results. The most effective ingredient, according to all the published clinical studies for prostate health, is Beta-Sitosterol. If you don't have that, you don't have anything. So the lab reports on each product shows you what each product contains—and that is the key. Remember, advertisements can lie or exaggerate ...but lab reports don't.

Fake Review Sites - The Internet is flooded with fake prostate product review sites. Some are actually run by kids in high school. The products promoted by crooked websites are: Prostate MD, Prostavol, Prostara, Prostaleaf, Prost-A-Relief, Prostatrinex and Prostafin. The enormous success of our reviews and clinical lab tests has spawned crooked imitations. Don't be fooled.

Free Trial Scams - You often see ads offering you a free bottle of a product and you're only required to pay a small shipping fee of about $5. Most of these are merely credit card scams designed to get your credit card number and then secretly charge you as much as $170 for more products only a few weeks later! Many of these “Free Trial” offers are secretly operated by companies based offshore, thereby evading enforcement.

Saw Palmetto - This product does not work. It has been touted for years as a wonder herb for prostate health. It's complete nonsense. The REAL clinical trials show that Saw Palmetto is no more effective than a placebo (sugar pill). Just because a product is sold in a national drugstore, or at a top health food store, doesn't mean it's good. It does not work - don't waste your money. See more about how worthless Saw Palmetto is in the review of Prostate MD here on our website. Dr. Mark Moyad explains why it is worthless.

Fake Doctors Fake Doctors Fake Doctors

Believe it or not some marketers are so crooked that they actually use fake doctors in an attempt to sell prostate supplements. You see these fake doctors either on websites on the internet or in brochures that are sent out in the mail.

One well known fraud uses a photo of a doctor identified as Dr. Treadwell DuBois. He is presented to be a urologist who went to Harvard Medical School. It's not true.

It is so easy to look up the credential of a doctor on the internet to see if they are legitimate. Take Dr. Dudley Danoff who has written the great article on the PSA test here in the guide. He went to Princeton and Yale Medical School. It's super easy to verify.

Remember, if you have any questions about a doctor all you have to do is check them out on the internet. It's no question that an endorsement or input on a formula from a top medical doctor is a strong endorsement of a products quality. So there will probably be more characters like this fake Dr. DuBois that will come along. Don't believe that just because a company claims that their product is endorsed by an urologist that it is true. Sometimes it is a fake doctor.

actor with white beard pretending to be doctor fake urologist video fake Fiverr actor showing three characters fake Fiverr actor pretending to be surgeon in video red arrow red circle red arrow actor doctor in video
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Prostavol Mega Scammers! Beware!! prostavol mega scammers beware prostavol mega scammers beware

A classic example of a fake prostate supplement review website is the, which was created to help sell the product Prostavol.

This is one of the many websites that attempts to trick you into buying their product with a false review website that gives the appearance of being serious, credible and honest.

The website claims to have evaluated brands using their in-house labs to verify that the ingredients are “in the pills themselves.” This is comical. The website was started in a residential house and they do not have an in-house laboratory. It's just a slick scam.

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Amazon Fake Reviews Amazon

Amazon is great. So quick, easy and convent. It's no surprise that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the richest man in America.

However, when it comes to prostate supplements you have to be very careful because Amazon is filled with worthless prostate pills and supplements with FAKE ratings and fake reviews. Many prostate supplements have 5 star ratings—they sound wonderful - yet the pills are terrible. We tested them in the lab. It turns out that these “5 star reviews" are in fact placed there by the companies that own the product! They are not real customers. There are also counterfeits on Amazon. Be careful. It's always best to order directly from the website of the manufacturer to make sure you are getting the real product—not some phony.

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eBay Troubles eBay

Like Amazon, eBay is also filled with fake products, false reviews and inflated claims. I found more examples of trickery and fraud on eBay than Amazon because it is apparently much easier for the scam artists to give fake reviews and sell counterfeit products on eBay. Again, if you can, it is best to buy directly from the manufacture or at your local store so you are sure you are getting the real product you want - not some rip off bottle of junk!

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Australian Super Pill Email Scam Australian Super Pill Email Scam Australian Super Pill Email Scam

So many men are getting unsolicited emails from a company touting a “Prostate Miracle Pill from Australia”. It's BS. The name of this pill keeps changing. ProstateMax, Prostate Strike, Prostate King and Prostate Formula 759 are just a few of the names this scam has been touting. They reference a “new clinical study” and say you have been selected to receive a FREE six month supply. It's a lie. Don't fall for it. These are “spammers” trying to get your credit card number to sell on the dark web. They don't even send you anything - they just charge your credit card. So if you get an email out-of-the-blue telling you that you won a free six month supply of "the world's best prostate pills,” don't fall for it—it is a scam!

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Fake Ingredient Trick Fake Ingredients

Here is how sneaky chinese manufacturers trick American companies with FAKE Ingredients: Herbal compounds are shipped in 25 kg drums. When the drums arrive at customs in the United States, custom representatives test the ingredients to see if they are authentic. The way they test the ingredients is to take a sample from the top part of the barrel. So the crooked manufacturers in China load up the top 5-10% of the barrel with good ingredients, knowing that is where the test sample is taken. The remainder of the 25 kg drum is then filled with worthless crap! In the since Beta-Sitosterol is white in color, often the sneaky manufacturers would fill 90% of the drum with powdered milk, because it is white. Some American companies are so crooked they don't care! They cover their ass by testing only the top part of the drum, knowing the rest is pure worthless junk, but they are covered and can make higher profits. Too many sharks in these waters! That is why my testing is changing the industry!! Bye bye crooked companies, your tricks are exposed!

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Free Bottle Offers! Fake Bottles Fake Bottles

Have you seen or heard an advertisement for a “free trial bottle” of a prostate supplement? Well very often these ads are complete scams. Here is how the scam works. You call the company's 800 number to claim your free bottle of the prostate pills advertised. They get all your information and tell you it's only about $5 for the shipping. Now they have your credit card. In 14 days or 30 depending upon the company they send you another bottle of the pills at full price - normally over $75!!

They will then continue to send you the pills every month until you call them to cancel future shipments. The problem becomes that the scam companies - will never stop sending you products until you literally call your bank and cancel your credit card! It is a nightmare!

Don't confuse Free Bottle offers with “Continuity Clubs.” Prostate auto delivery clubs are becoming very popular - they are offered by many legitimate companies as a service of convenience. Just like Dollar Shave Club which sends you new razors automatically every month. Many guys like to get a shipment every month so they don't have to keep calling the company, and there is usually a cheaper price because it's easier for the company. Just make sure you read the fine print and be sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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Prostate Patch Is Fraud Fake Patch Fake Patch

Perhaps on of the most ridiculous products claiming to end your prostate problems is the Prostate Patch. It's absurd. The fly-by-night company behind this worthless contraption claim there are secret herbs infused into this patch which are released and target your prostate. Pure nonsense. They are going after men who used the nicotine patch to stop smoking and making the comparison. If you get something in the mail from this crooked crew—toss it in the trash where it belongs.

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Fake Rolex, Fake Gucci, Now, Fake Prostate Pills. Fake Pills Fake Pills

Due to new research and clinical trials showing the health benefits of top quality prostate products, they have become extremely popular. Sales are expanding every year and when a product becomes popular, a market for knock-offs and counterfeits springs up. Prostate pills and men's sexual health pills are an easy product to counterfeit. Unfortunately, it is tough to police fly-by-night companies selling counterfeit products on giant websites like eBay, Amazon and others. They make it easy to sell fake pills. If you see a leading prostate pill brand being sold on eBay or at some other website for a very, very low price, chances are it's a fake.

Remember, these top products sell in the millions because they work, and it's easy to manufacture a fake bottle. It's not much different than guys on the street of big cities selling fake Rolex watches and fake Gucci and Prada purses. It is always best to deal with a reputable chain like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or other leading stores. Or if you shop online, make sure you buy your prostate supplement pills directly from the actual manufacturer. This way you know you are getting the real deal.

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Mail Order Scams... Beware of your Mailbox! Fake Mail Fake Mail

If you have ever ordered a prostate supplement chances are you were put on some sort of mailing list of men who bought prostate supplements. Some companies sell their customer lists to other prostate pill companies and you end up getting bombarded with new offers for other prostate supplements. Most of them exaggerate their benefits - some worse than others.One nice thing about the companies who have an excellent prostate supplement is the fact that they never sell their customer list. In fact, each of the Top 10 rated supplements we have tested - none of them sell or rent the names of their customers.

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