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Pygeum & Plant Sterols

By: Vitacost
  • Sold in Stores Nationwide
  • Poor Prostate Supplement
  • Better Products Available
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Pygeum & Plant Sterols

Pygeum and Plant Sterols from VitaCost, one of the largest supplement retailers, is a prostate supplement that is available in their retail locations nationwide and online. As you may be coming aware, just because a product is sold in a store, doesn’t necessarily mean it is any good. This one definitely fits that bill.

The lab results showed each serving contains only 13.0mg of total sterols! This formula is incredibly weak.

The upside is that this product only costs about $9 for this product. If you want to improve your prostate health, then there's not much reason to buy this product based on this lab result. There are better products available.

Pygeum & Plant Sterols Supplement Facts

Pygeum & Plant Sterols supplement facts

Pygeum & Plant Sterols Lab Report:

Pygeum & Plant Sterols lab report