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Pygeum Extract

By: The Vitamin Shoppe

Review Highlights:

  • Very low test score
  • Less than 10mg of sterols
  • Shocking result from big company
see lab report

Pygeum Extract

Vitamin Shoppe is the second largest health food store chain in the world behind GNC so it’s very surprising to discover that their product did not do too well in our laboratory analysis. In fact, it did terrible.

Pygeum should produce a high amount of sterols if it is a good extract. Their label claims it is standardized extract and there are 25mg in each dose. The bottle has 100 capsules and you are recommend to take 1 capsule a day. So the bottle will last you over three months and costs around $14 a bottle. This is a low priced product so we can’t be too harsh in our review, but the sterols score that came back from the lab shows it contains less then 7mg per pill. Not very good, even at this low price. Don’t think there is much benefit from this low-scoring, low-priced prostate supplement.

Pygeum Extract Supplement Facts

Pygeum Extract supplement facts

Pygeum Extract Lab Report:

Pygeum Extract lab report