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Full Potency Prostate

Caught Using FAKE Testimonials

Our #1 Product is ProstaGenix for three obvious reasons. This pill is a mega booster for prostate.

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Decent Lab Score Overshadowed By Fraud Automatic Billing, Negative Optin Scheme Gives GNC & Industry a Black Eye
  • Manufacturer: Nugenix
  • Pills Per Bottle: 60 Capsules
  • Suggested Dose: Two softgels a day with food
  • Website: www.Nugenix.com

Full Potency Prostate

See How They Lie To You!

They have their own video editor use a FAKE NAME and give A FAKE TESTIMONIAL! On their website they have two testimonials. They claim these men are real customers. But they are LYING to you.

Actor Peter Baker pretending to be Warren
arrow This guy is identified as a customer named Warren. But not only is he NOT named Warren - he works for Nugenix! What a scam. Caught him! Here is the real Warren—a video guy who works for Nugenix named Peter Baker. Aren't you sick of companies lying and cheating you? arrow
Peter Baker's acting profile
Actor Armondo Hawkins pretending to be Michael K.
arrow This guy is identified as a customer named Michael K. But he is a paid actor named Armondo Hawkins. Bull Shit! This guy is a professional actor. They have to PAY actors to LIE to you. Disgusting! arrow
Armondo Hawkins' acting profile

The Fine Print of Their Billing Scheme

Nugenix billing terms

Here is their other gimmick. This is how they make millions. First they cheat you and lie to you with FAKE testimonials. Then they short-change you by 30% on the ingredients - and now they will WHACK your credit card every month for $64.98 for a bottle of their prostate pills which are sold to you with FAKE testimonials and with ingredients that don't match the label. Good luck trying to cancel your orders - you will be in for SHOCK at what they tell you.

Full Potency Prostate Lab Report:

Full Potency Prostate lab report

They claim to have 130 mg of total phytosterols in EACH serving. They claim 70% of the 130 mg are Beta Sitosterol. But the lab test shows this is BS. The total number of phytosterols was measured at only 95 mg - so they are off by more than 30%. And there are supposed to be 400 mg of Saw Palmetto (which is worthless anyway according to America's #1 expert on dietary supplements - Dr. Mark Moyad) of which 85% is supposed to be "free fatty acids". So there should be about 320 - 340 mg of free fatty acids. Yet the lab test shows it only has 45 mg of free fatty acids!! Looks like a MASSIVE scam to me!

We sent Nugenix to one of America's top testing labs. Their photosterol numbers were 30% lower than what they claim on the label.