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Gorilla Flow

By: Pure Body Innovations

Our #1 Product is ProstaGenix for three obvious reasons. This pill is a mega booster for prostate.

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Massive Fraud Pills are worthless These guys should be in jail!

Gorilla Flow


Another group that ought to be sitting in a jail cell. Total scam. They hide behind a mail drop in Sheridan, Wyoming. This is the kind of crap that destroys mens prostate health and gives the legitimate prostate supplement industry a bad name. Big Pharma loves junk like this because it makes men think natural products are crap and don't work. So they believe the only way to fix your prostate is through drugs - which is not true.

Gorilla Flow Supplement Facts

Gorilla Flow supplement facts

Gorilla Flow? They must think men are total morons to come with a stupid sales pitch like this. Their hook is that gorillas don't have prostate problems, so you won't have any prostate problems if you eat what a gorilla eats. Haha - what a joke. A gorilla is also 100 times stronger than me, but maybe if I eat what a gorilla eats, I'll be 100 times more muscular - and then perhaps I will be so fast and strong I'll make Earl Campbell look like a wimp? Or maybe break Walter Payton or Barry Sanders rushing records? It's preposterous. This product is absurd. The lab report Grade F shows it is just powder - literally worthless powder in a bottle.

Gorilla Flow Lab Report:

Gorilla Flow lab report