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Optimum Prostate

By: Evviva

Review Highlights:

  • Good Lab Test Score
  • Sold on The Internet
see lab report

Optimum Prostate

Here is a product that is sold mainly on eBay on the Internet. Not from a big name company. Not in big drug stores like CVS and Walgreens. Not at GNC, but just on the Internet and yet is scored way, way better than many of the big name companies

Now it’s still not a Top 10 product, but if you have been using this product you are getting decent prostate support and benefits. Looking at the secret laboratory test we did the single most important test score is the “total sterols” score. This prostate supplement got a score of 351mg – which is a very solid score.

A bottle sells for about $30 a bottle and is a good value.

Optimum Prostate Supplement Facts

Optimum Prostate supplement facts

Optimum Prostate Lab Report:

Optimum Prostate lab report