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Prostate Defense

By: NorthStar Nutritionals

Review Highlights:

  • Total Rip-Off
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 25mg of Sterols!
  • Waste of Money
see lab report

Prostate Defense

Prostate Defense claims to be a “more complete prostate support supplement”. Right away I noticed on the label that they claim that it contains very little Beta Sitosterol and just a few other ingredients that are common in the majority of prostate supplements. This product isn’t popular, it isn’t available in any retail stores, so you’ve probably never even heard of it.

Their lab result showed each serving contains only 24.6mg of total sterols and only 9.02mg of Beta-Sitosterol. This formula is incredibly weak.

The kicker is that guys are paying  $39.95 for this product and only getting 24.6mg of total sterols. This is not a very good score – especially for almost $40.  Not much reason to buy this product based on this lab result. There are better products available.

Prostate Defense Supplement Facts

Prostate Defense supplement facts

Prostate Defense Lab Report:

Prostate Defense lab report