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Prostate Expert

By: Holism

Review Highlights:

  • Very Good Lab Score
  • Solid Formula
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Prostate Expert

The name of the product is Prostate Expert and it lives up to its name! The formulator was definitely an expert because the lab score was great. As you can see this product has 349 mg of sterols in each serving and of that 349 mg 169 of them are from Beta-sitosterol. Super job.

It is so interesting to me to see a product like this and others that is not that well known, doesn’t spend big bucks on advertising, is not on the shelves at Walgreens or CVS or any of the other big stores, yet it crushed those companies in the laboratory – and that is where is really counts. Good job.

Prostate Expert Supplement Facts

Prostate Expert supplement facts

Prostate Expert Lab Report:

Prostate Expert lab report