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Review Highlights:

  • From the same crooks behind Gorilla Flow
  • Makes your prostate worse
see lab report


Another fraud from the con men behind the prostate scam Gorilla Flow and the male enhancement erections pill scams Tupi Tea, Insta Hard and Endo Pump.

This pill is just another bottle of worthless powder made by the weasels over at Jet Pak, in Akron Ohio and sold by a couple of con men - Andrew Contreras and Julian Reyes Epstein. These two are basically high tech bandits - internet thieves. Contrearas lives and hides out in Columbia - terrified to step foot in America. Epstein lives in Puerto Rico and has a speed boat ready to head to international waters if the Feds come after him.

They are also the conmen behind Gorilla Flow - another bottle of pure bull shit. Jet Pak is the go-to spot for dirt cheap pills that can be made fast so that the con men can get their scams up and running at lightening speed and keep their cost low so they have more money to spend on advertising to rip men off. The lab test on Tupi Flow show it has zero beneficial ingredients. Total fraud.

TupiFlow Lab Report:

TupiFlow lab report