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The Prostate Formula

By: Real Health Laboratories

Review Highlights:

  • Very Poor Score
  • Expensive
  • Another Drug Store Shocker!
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The Prostate Formula

This product, which is sold in all major drug store chains in the United States has great packaging. It really looks like a product that can really relieve your prostate troubles and provide great natural prostate support going forward. But you can’t judge a product by its packaging or advertising as the lab reports for this product reveal. It performed horribly in the independent laboratory testing. In fact the score is an absolute disgrace! It’s shocking to see that they only have 4.09mg of sterols per dose –despite the fact that the product has Saw Palmetto in the name. A good concentration of saw palmetto. But having less than 5mg of total sterols is disgusting for a product that promises they have an “advanced formulation.”

The product does have a nice combination of vitamins in the formula: Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Znic, and Selenium. It is also one of the few formulas that contains L-Glutamine Acid, L-Glycine, and L-Lysine HCI. These three amino acids are shown in some clinical studies to reduce prostate symptoms and promote prostate health. However, the amounts in the study are far higher than the amounts contained in this product.

The most important element of a prostate pill according to the studies and experts we have spoken with, is to provide sterols. This widely distributed product has a little bit of everything in it, but no strong source of sterols as the lab tests reveal.

At a cost of $34.95 for a bottle, it does not come close to being any kind of significant value. Just another shocking discovery of what they are really selling you down at your local drug store. Think of all the men who trusted the label claims and wasted money, possibly for years on this product. But even more important than the wasted money, the greater loss is the lost time spent taking a pill that doesn’t live up to the marketing hype, when you could have been taking a great product that can really help you. A lost opportunity. Stunning how poorly it performed and yet has been in major drugstores across America for years!

The Prostate Formula Supplement Facts

The Prostate Formula supplement facts

The Prostate Formula Lab Report:

The Prostate Formula lab report