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By: Pure Health Research

Review Highlights:

  • Paint by number Scam
  • Everything is a total lie
  • Lab test is a disgrace
see lab report


Another in a long line of scams. This one tries to make themselves seem more legit with a low level natural doctor clown reading a script.

This company is no stranger to scams - they run a lot of them from their bucket shop in Maryland. The lab test shows the pills are little more than powder in a bottle. The long vidoe they use to promote this crap is about as believable as an episode of the Munsters or Scooby Doo. Pure fantasy.

If you bought this junk then you know it didn't do anything. But don't feel bad - it's not your fault - you were tricked by seasoned marketing weasels whose lies know no boundaries. If you haven't bought from them ... I just saved you a lot of time and aggravation - total crap product.

Prosta-Lux Lab Report:

Prosta-Lux lab report