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Review Highlights:

  • Drugstore Rip-Off
  • Terrible Laboratory Test Score
  • Waste of money
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Prostate Support

Maybe the biggest vitamins and natural supplement company in America is NOW Brand. They are everywhere. So we were quite surprised when the secret laboratory results came back and showed this has less than 6mg of sterols in a dose. That is a far cry from what they claim on their label.

It seems like so many of the big companies that make every product under the sun never get high test scores. Most of the time their scores are either terrible, like this score here, or they are average at best. Looks like the companies that target a specific product category and specialize in that area seem to have better products. As we are proving with all of our reviews and laboratory testing – knowledge and information is power. Knowing which products work and which are lying about their label claims can help you avoid the scams and rip offs and find good products that can really help you. This product is a pass!

Prostate Support Supplement Facts

Prostate Support supplement facts

Prostate Support Lab Report:

Prostate Support lab report