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aka Prosta Scam

Our #1 Product is ProstaGenix for three obvious reasons. This pill is a mega booster for prostate.

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Pure fraud Should be in jail Con men of the century


Frank Neal and fellow stooges locked behind bars

They should have named it Prosta Scam! That would have been more accurate. Another set of crooks. Big crooks. Same crew behind many scams. They run these long videos all over the internet for their “miracle prostate pill.” It's total horse shit. The “president” and founder of this fantastic company is just a paid actor. The guy in the white lab coat is pretending to be a doctor… He, too, is just an actor. Not a doctor.

Frank Neal - Prostastream creator
Frank Neal acting Frank Neal on YouTube

This is actor Mike Sutton pretending to be the president of the
Prosta Stream company. The entire company is a big fraud.

Jason S. aka Shamon Dae Prostastream video Jason S. aka Shamon Dae in car Jason S. aka Shamon Dae on fiver red arrow

The ProstaStream conmen also use an actor pretending to be a real customer. Jason S. is not a real customer - he is an actor named Shamon Dae. Toss him a few bucks and he'll say anything. Just like Frank Neal is totally fake - this whole company is just a massive scam.

ProstaStream Supplement Facts

ProstaStream supplement facts

The pills they send have NONE of the ingredients they claim. Literally ZERO. The lab test is a disgrace - pure consumer fraud. You can see it below. The worst lab test score we have EVER SEEN! It's contains ZERO phytosterols. It will do nothing - literally nothing to help your prostate.

The spokesperson in their video who pretends to be Frank Neal, the founder of the company is just a paid actor. There is no Frank Neal. It's all BS. The spokes person is a bottom-of-the-barrel actor names Mike Sutton. You can see him all over Youtube doing rinky-dink little TV commercials. Sutton was paid to lie to you as part of this scam that authorities are looking into right now. This crooked company could get shut down any day.

The testimonials are fake also. Of course - what would you expect from a group of fraudsters. The men pretending to be customers are just actors paid a few bucks to lie to you to steal your hard-earned money. They don't give a shit that they are making your prostate worse and costing you valuable time - they just want to grab your money. They charge $69 for a bottle. Scum of the earth.

the mount rushmore of fraud

ProstaStream Lab Report:

ProstaStream lab report

Look at the lab report. It shows these pills are totally WORTHLESS!! There is nothing in them. ZERO. Zippo! On their label they claim a "plant sterol complex" of 300 mg. But when we test it in the lab we catch them cheating!!!! There is not even 1 mg - not even 1 mg. This is a scam. Powder in a bottle. If you ever tired these pills and want to know what they didn't work for you - it's because the pills are fake!!! Just filled with worthless powder.

Like I said above -these crooks ought to be in jail - scum of the earth to lie to men who are suffering and act like they have an answer to their problem. If you did buy, I would demand your money back - today before they go out of business or are arrested! Get you money back while you can.