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Saw Palmetto

By: Nature's Bounty

Review Highlights:

  • Absolute Scam
  • Label Claims Don’t Even Come Close to Lab Test
  • Lab Test Reveals Less Than 1mg Sterols
  • Another Drug Store Rip-Off
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Saw Palmetto

If you have heard our radio ads you hear us say the phrase “you will be shocked when you discover what your local drug store is really selling you.” Well this is one of many examples of prostate pills sold at the biggest drugstores in the country that are not that beneficial. They don’t match their label claims. In some instances they are not even close to containing what they claim on the label. Lets take a closer look.

Right on the front of the label is says 450mg – sounds great right? Must be good you think, after all, it’s from a big powerful company with dozens of products on the shelves. Well they are tricking you. If you look at the supplement facts panel on the label it says all you need to take is one pill and you will get 450mg of Saw Palmetto. And each bottle has whopping 250 capsules. Just think how many men there are all over the country who think they are being smart by buying this product. They would be shocked to discover that it is basically worthless – literally. There is not even 1mg of sterols in the bottle. Not even one – incredible scam. So that means if you swallowed all 250 capsules at once at .617 per capsule you would get only 154mg of sterols! Think about that – you would have to swallow an entire bottle and you would not even get 1/5 of the amount of sterols you would get in the top product in just TWO PILLS. Isn’t that incredible. Here again men are being short- changed. Remember lab reports don’t lie – science is what science is. Waste of money. Big league scam.

Saw Palmetto Supplement Facts

Saw Palmetto supplement facts

Saw Palmetto Lab Report:

Saw Palmetto lab report