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Prostalex Plus

By: Herbal Groups

Review Highlights:

  • Average Lab Test Score
  • Sold in Drugstores Nationwide
  • Decent Sitosterol Count
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Prostalex Plus

This prostate supplement has been sold in most of the nations biggest drugstores for many years. It has benefitted from a “pharmaceutical –sounding” name and look, so consumer probably thought it was a top-notch product. Our secret laboratory analysis’ shows Prostalex Plus is merely an average or below average product.

The single most important marker of a good prostate supplement is the amount of total sterols it contains. The lab report shows it has 130mg. This is an average score and can provide a decent amount of prostate health benefits. It is significantly better than the scam products with sterols scores that are single digit numbers.

Prostalex Plus Supplement Facts

Prostalex Plus supplement facts

Prostalex Plus Lab Report:

Prostalex Plus lab report