Super Saw Palmetto - Nature Made Super Saw Palmetto

Super Saw Palmetto

By: Nature Made

Review Highlights:

  • Terrible Lab Score
  • Shocking Lab Report -Less than 2mg Sterols
  • Big Letdown from Nationally Known Company
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Super Saw Palmetto

It should come as no surprise that this product only produced 2 mg of sterols in the lab test. The supplement facts show it contains 480 mg of saw palmetto. So 450 mg of saw palmetto gets you less than 2 mg of sterols. That is sad.

Nature Made is a very good company with some top products, but here is a classic example of how the old scientific belief of the importance of saw palmetto is shown as wrong. Lab reports don’t lie. There are barely any sterols in this product, so it’s a waste of your time.

Super Saw Palmetto Supplement Facts

Super Saw Palmetto supplement facts

Super Saw Palmetto Lab Report:

Super Saw Palmetto lab report