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Prostavar Ultra

By: Superbalife International

Our #1 Product is ProstaGenix for three obvious reasons. This pill is a mega booster for prostate.

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Prostavar Ultra

From the highly regarded Los Angeles based supplement manufacturer Superbalife International, comes this exceptional product. Prostavar Ultra is clearly an exceptional formula with high level of ingredients. While many products are essentially one-dimensional (e.g., all saw palmetto or all beta-sitosterol) Prostavar Ultra got high marks across the board. The lab scores were great: 374 mg of Beta-sitosterol and 567 mg of total sterols.

Prostavar Ultra Basics

Like all top prostate supplements Prostavar Ultra can end your nightly trips to the bathroom and let you sleep like you used to in your 30’s. It can help you end your urgency and make your stream stronger. Many, many men have reported tremendous results with this super product. You can get it direct from the company by calling 800-795-4809 or on their website

Prostavar Ultra Ingredients

Prostavar Ultra contains pumpkin seed extract, beta-sitosterol, resveratrol and quercitin. It also contains vitamin E, zinc and selenium.

Prostavar Ultra Supplement Facts

Prostavar Ultra supplement facts


Prostavar Ultra Lab Report:

Prostavar Ultra lab report