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Prostate 600+

By: Nature’s Life

Review Highlights:

  • Maximum Prostate Support
  • Proactive Prostate Support
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 10mg Sterols!
see lab report

Prostate 600+

Here is another product that is long on promises and fancy marketing, but which failed miserably in the secret laboratory testing – where it really matters.

The single most important marker of a good prostate supplement is the amount of total sterols it contains. The lab report shows it has only 5.59mg. This is basically a scam to have such a low score. Look at the scores of the products in the Top 5 – they blow this garbage away. We were expecting more from Nature’s Life.

Prostate 600+ Supplement Facts

Prostate 600+ supplement facts

Prostate 600+ Lab Report:

Prostate 600+ lab report