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By: ProVita Labs

Review Highlights:

  • Low Sterol Score
  • Sold on the Internet
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This is just another run of the mill product sold exclusively on the Internet by an outfit out of Speedway, Indiana called BioProsper Labs. It had a low total sterols score of only 81mg despite claiming 450mg on their label! The free fatty acid score was a decent 222mg. The rest of the formula contains some vitamin E and B-6 along with copper, zinc and selenium. It also has a number of other natural compounds in very low amounts. This is a classic example of “too many cooks spoil the stew.” The formula would be better off to get rid of many of the compounds in small elements and beef up the sterols.

Prostanew Supplement Facts

Prostanew supplement facts

Prostanew Lab Report:

Prostanew lab report