Prostate Blend SP-16 - Solaray Prostate Blend SP-16

Prostate Blend SP-16

By: Solaray

Review Highlights:

  • Total Rip-Off
  • Label Claims Don’t Even Come Close to Lab Test
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 2mg Sterols!
  • Another Drug Store Rip-Off
see lab report

Prostate Blend SP-16

One of the largest vitamin pill companies in the country is Solaray. Walk into most health food shops and many national drug stores and you will see their expansive product line. Most of them are low priced, as is their prostate product. Lets see what low price REALLY gets you.

The lab report was a disaster! Each serving only contains just over 2mg of sterols. What a joke. The bottle looks so official. It even says on the front the bottle “with homeopathic nutrients” – this sounds important, this sounds impressive and it might even be true – but it doesn’t really mean anything. All that really matters for prostate support and prostate health benefits is sterol count. Their count was only 2mg. Horrible. Very disappointing from such a big, well-known company – but that’s what you get with these low-priced products. You think you are getting a great deal with a large number of capsules at a low price with some fancy razzle-dazzle claims on the front. But the reality is, that it’s a big waste of money and opportunity as the lab reports shows.

Prostate Blend SP-16 Supplement Facts

Prostate Blend SP-16 supplement facts

Prostate Blend SP-16 Lab Report:

Prostate Blend SP-16 lab report