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Saw Palmetto

By: Finest Nutrition

Review Highlights:

  • Total Rip-Off
  • Label Claims Don’t Even Come Close to Lab Test
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 2mg Sterols!
  • Another Drug Store Rip-Off
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Saw Palmetto

Well the name of the company says Finest Nutrition – but the score it received in our laboratory testing was anything but fine. It was garbage! Not even 1mg of sterols. Isn’t that a joke and a scam. The bottle says such promising sounding things as, “Healthy Nutrition” and “Natural Whole Herb” and “gluten free”, it’s all a bunch or marketing hype that is designed to sound healthy and natural and great for you, but lab reports don’t lie. Very disappointed to see this product do so poorly.

Saw Palmetto Supplement Facts

Saw Palmetto supplement facts

Saw Palmetto Lab Report:

Saw Palmetto lab report