Pygeum Africanum - Solaray Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum

By: Solaray
  • Total Rip-Off
  • Another Ineffective Prostate Supplement
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 6mg Sterols!
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Pygeum Africanum

Here is another prostate support product from Solaray, which fails to deliver a good lab result.  Their other product – Prostate Blend SP-16 is a disgrace with a score of only 2mg per dose of sterols.  This terrible fairs a little better but how could it really do worse!? This Solaray supplement contains a measly 5.22mg of Total Sterols. I’m not sure why they can’t put together a decent product with all the resources they have over there. What a Scam.

Pygeum Africanum Supplement Facts

Pygeum Africanum supplement facts

Pygeum Africanum Lab Report:

Pygeum Africanum lab report