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Men's Prostate Formula


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  • Top Notch Product
  • Excellent Laboratory Test Score
  • Top 10 Product
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Men's Prostate Formula

Mighty GNC, the world’s largest vitamin store chain has a large number of their own private label products and this prostate supplement is one of their better selling products. You would expect GNC to have a good lab score – and they did!

This product finished in the top 10 that we tested scoring a very impressive 398mg of sterols per serving. Pretty darn good! Compare that to all the scam products out there that promise the moon, make all kinds of big claims and hide behind scientific sounding company names, and yet their products are worthless bottles of powder. GNC is a class operation and makes very good products. They don’t specialize in prostate supplements like some of the superstar products we have found and reviewed here – but this is a very good product that will definitely help your prostate health. Good job.

Men's Prostate Formula Supplement Facts

Men's Prostate Formula supplement facts

Men's Prostate Formula Lab Report:

Men's Prostate Formula lab report