ProstaMen Plus - Rite Aid ProstaMen Plus

ProstaMen Plus

By: Rite Aid

Review Highlights:

  • Total Rip-Off
  • Label Claims Don’t Even Come Close to Lab Test
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 10mg Sterols!
  • Another Drug Store Rip-Off
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ProstaMen Plus

This private label product is from one of the nations biggest drug store chains – Rite Aid. Each bottle has 60 softgels and that’s about all the good that can be said about this virtually worthless product. If you have heard our radio ads we says “ you will be shocked when you learn what your local drug store is REALLY selling you”, - this is an example of what we are talking about in our ad.

They sell it at a low price so you think you are getting a good value, but our secret laboratory analysis report exposed what is really inside. The lab score on total sterols was a disgraceful 7.91mg per serving. Can you imagine that, using the Rite Aid brand name and producing a virtually worthless product? So many guys send us emails thanking us for letting them know what they are really taking. Laboratory analysis is very expensive. To send a product to a lab and have it analyzed would cost way too much for the average guy, but we spent a fortune to get the real facts for all men to see. Bottom line: this won’t do very much to help your prostate problems or provide much prostate support or health benefits.

ProstaMen Plus Lab Report:

ProstaMen Plus lab report