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Prostata Plus

By: Garda Vita

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  • Good Lab Test Score
  • Sold on the Internet
  • Top 20 Product
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Prostata Plus

Prostata Plus makes the bold claim that it’s “Clinically Researched to Support Prostate Health”.  After having seen so many claims like this and then seeing official lab reports, I always get a good laugh. IF your product was “clinically researched” you would be posting the results of this research all over your website, sending it in to CNN and Fox News. The website is full of claims yet not one reference to any clinical study or research. Let’s put all that aside and focus our attention to what matters – lab results.

Right away I noticed on the label that they have a 933mg proprietary blend called the “prostate support complex”. We sent this product to our lab to break down this complex and see what it really contains.

Their lab result showed each 2 softgel serving contains only 418mg of total sterols. This is right in the mid-range for the reports we have seen.

Prostata Plus sells for  $39.95.  There isn’t really anything that sets this product apart from pack, it’s just sort of average. There are better products available.

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