Ezee Flow tea - Bell

Ezee Flow tea


Ezee Flow tea

By: Bell
  • Marketing Gimmick
  • Horrible Lab Test Score
  • Basically A Scam
see lab report

Ezee Flow tea

He is a marketing angel – sell guys a tea that is good for their prostate. A company out of Canada, Bell Laboratories, came up with the concept and this “tea” sells in independent health food stores and on the Internet. In a nutshell it is worthless.

Our laboratory testing facility followed all the instructions. They brewed the tea and conducted their test from the brewed tea because that is how you would be taking it if you bought it. The result shows it has 2.4mg of sterols. What a waste of money. So if you’re a guy who opted for this bogus tea because you can’t take pills or thought this sounded like a good product –now you know the truth. It’s a waste of money.

Ezee Flow tea Supplement Facts

Ezee Flow tea supplement facts

Ezee Flow tea Lab Report:

Ezee Flow tea lab report