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Prostate Health

By: Snap

Review Highlights:

  • Not A Scam
  • Decent ingredients
  • Decent Lab Score
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Prostate Health

This product is all over social media - TicTok, Facebook and Instagram, featuring young men - a few look like they are in their 20's - all claiming to be getting tremendous results with this product. The problem is - they are all paid actors - not customers. It is kind of odd to see a 20-year-old hold up a bottle of prostate pills and talk about how it help him. Bizarre, so I thought it was a total scam but was pleasantly surprised that the lab score was ok.

It's not a scam.

Unlike the super crooks in the business - ProsaDine - Prosta Stream - Gorilla Flow - Fluxactive Complete etc., this product actually has a decent formula. It has zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper, vitamin C - all these are great for your prostate. And the green tea extract is a super ingredient that not many products have.

As you can see their lab test score is not a ZERO like so many of these products- the test shows the formula delivers 61 mg of sterols, including 27 mgof the all important Beta Sitosterol. So despite the large amount of saw palmetto the rest of the formula is rock solid. Good product that is a few tweaks away from being an outstanding product.

Prostate Health Lab Report:

Prostate Health lab report