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By: Metabolic Products
  • Horrible Value
  • Sold by Many Online Retailers
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 1mg Sterols!
see lab report


Metabolic Products is a large supplement company that carries a large variety of high quality supplements. One of their most popular products is Prostex.

This product and sells for around $44.99 but only delivers 0.0082mg of sterols per dose! Not a very good score at all.  Not much reason to buy this product based on this lab result.

Grade: F Their lab result showed each serving contains not even 1mg of sterols? How is that even possible? Not even 1mg? Something is very, very wrong here guys. And $44.99 a bottle? Just think how crazy that is. The top product contains 950mg of sterols – PER DOSE! Shocking. Your money is better spent choosing a product higher in sitosterols.

Prostex Supplement Facts

Prostex supplement facts

Prostex Lab Report:

Prostex lab report