This is the section of my website that most of the companies in the prostate industry hope you never see! That's because here you see the cold hard facts that only a laboratory test can reveal. Their worst nightmare is for someone to spend the time and money to reveal what is really in their products.

They can't hide behind the inflated advertising claims or the smooth words and delivery of a paid celebrity. No, here are the lab reports and as I am fond of saying... lab reports don't lie!

I have highlighted the two key scores on each lab report - Beta-sistosterol score and total sterol score. These are the most important. I used four different laboratories to have the products tested.

The lab reports shown here on the website from multiple 3rd party laboratories over the United States.

These lab test results cost me a fortune and I am confident this information will help you make your prostate feel great again! Some companies did great, some did so-so and most did terrible, but the great news is you can turnaround your prostate woes very quickly with the top products!

Over 150 Reviews and Lab Reports.

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