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Prostate Health

By: Gaia Herbs

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  • Maximum Prostate Support Claims
  • Proactive Prostate Support Claims
  • SHOCKING - Lab Test Reveals Less Than 100mg Sterols!
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Prostate Health

You can find this product in most Whole Foods stores and in most of the great vitamin stores around the country. Gaia Herbs makes some great products, so I was a little surprised that their lab score was only average. They scored a very average 91.8mg sterols per dose. Not terrible but not good either. The label claims to contain 450mg saw palmetto with a super critical extraction process- So they specifically claim 272mg and yet the independent lab test shows only 91.8mg total sterols. Plus this product is expensive. Very surprised and disappointed with the results.

Prostate Health Supplement Facts

Prostate Health supplement facts

Prostate Health Lab Report:

Prostate Health lab report