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By: Herbalcom

Review Highlights:

  • Solid Product
  • Good Laboratory Test Score
  • Sold on the Internet not in Stores
see lab report


This product is heavily promoted on the Internet. In fact you will find a marketing company behind it that hosts a “so called” prostate review website where they are supposedly giving accurate reviews of prostate products on a website called There are a number of websites that have sprung up trying to imitate our success with our great, one-of-a-kind website. These other “review” websites all claiming to rate and review prostate pills. The problem is that none of them use real laboratory analysis of products – that’s because they cost a lot of money. And when you do as many lab tests as we do – it is a HUGE amount of money we invested in testing. But how else do you know what works? Now you know! So these “so called” reviews sites just write what they want and rate their own products number one – it’s totally biased and not based on science.

ViProsta contains 92.4mg of sterols per dose. That is an average score compared to all the products we tested. Each bottle sells for $39.95 and comes to $43.90 with shipping and handling. A decent product but not one of the better ones. Better than the sleaze merchants who sell you powder in a bottle.

ViProsta Supplement Facts

ViProsta supplement facts

ViProsta Lab Report:

ViProsta lab report