About Us

Prostatereport.com was a collaborative effort of a number of different people, researchers, doctors, retailers, prostate supplement manufacturers and laboratories. The end result was the most expensive and comprehensive examination and evaluation of prostate supplements ever done. Here are some of the people that contributed to this effort, and whose help and work needs to be acknowledged.

The National Health Federation www.thenhf.com : America’s oldest non-profit health freedom organization, which recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, played a crucial role in making this website a reality through their guidance, vast knowledge and incredible resources which they were kind enough to share.

Dr. Dan Kenner, Ph.D. L.Ac., is an extraordinary writer, research and author on the subject of alternative care and health supplements. His books and research and the specific work he did on evaluating various prostate compounds was also crucial to this project. His guidance and expertise were extremely valuable.

Dr Kenner is also licensed to practice Oriental Medicine in Japan and the U.S. Since 1983 he has endeavored to integrate the naturopathic medical traditions of North America and Europe with the traditional medicine of East Asia. With a knowledge of Japanese, French, German, written Japanese and Chinese, he has consulted and trained with leading clinicians on three continents and collected books, journals, conference notes and other written material as source material for both writing and clinical practice. You can find out more about his work at: www.dankennerresearch.com.

Bill Sardi – A legend in the natural health industry for his numerous health breakthroughs and ability to see a natural health solutions to a problem long before others, time and time again. Bill is also a prolific writer (more than a dozen of his books are available here on Amazon) who has written numerous book on natural health and vitamins. Known in the industry as “The Vitamin Supplement Answer Man” he is the go-to guy when you have an important natural health question. We went to him many times for his insight on prostate formula evaluations, product potency, sourcing mixtures and a host of other questions and research and he delivered more than we expected each and every time. You can get more of Bill’s wisdom on his website www.knowledgeofhealth.com and you may also like to check out his radio show at www.billsardihealthandwealthshow.com

Roger Mason Ph.D. – No serious discussion of natural prostate research would be complete without input from research chemist Roger Mason, widely regarded as one of the world’s premier experts on prostate health. Rogers work at exposing the widely health belief of saw palmetto and Lycopene being beneficial for the prostate as false, has helped millions of men improve their prostate health by focusing on Beta-sitosterol and other valuable natural compounds that provide far great prostate benefits than saw palmetto and Lycopene. Roger was an inspiration during the entire project and should be commended for his helpful attitude and pioneering work. You might also check out his great book The Natural Prostate Cure.

Numerous researchers, distributors and retailers have contributed in our tests of over 150 products. And one group that also needs to be thanked are the men who took the time to fill out our survey sheet where they gave their honest evaluations on their experience with prostate supplements. If you would like to fill out a survey sheet and send it to us for our ongoing evaluations that would be greatly appreciated. Please send you name and mailing address to our email – [email protected] and we will send it to you in the mail – the old fashioned way!