Prostate Scams Exposed

Prostate Scams Exposed

It was because so many of my friends and family that were being scammed by fraudulent prostate products that prompted me to spend so much time, money and energy to creating this website so that all men would have the NO BS answers to prostate supplements.

It seemed so unfair that marketing weasels and crooked companies were putting men's health jeopardy by filling their pills with little more than rice powder promoted slick, expensive advertising campaigns that fooled them into taking pills that actually made their prostate problems worse. If you read this page and my website you will never get ripped of and you will never buy an inferior prostate product ever again.

Prostate Pill Scam Alert
Prostate Pill Scams that Target You list of known scams

Common Scam Traits:

  • Fake Prostate Review Sites
  • Fake Doctors
  • Weak or Worthless Ingredients
  • Free Trial Offers
  • Dangerous Pills Secretly Laced with Drugs
  • Counterfeit Products
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Scam #1
Worthless “Powdered” Herbs! When you read this you will understand why our lab reports are so popular and beneficial.

Fake Chinese powdered herbs

This is a widespread scam where companies fill their prostate pills with worthless powered herbs that have ZERO benefit for the user. Let me explain how this works using the popular herb Saw Palmetto as an example.

It is well known in the natural supplement industry that Saw Palmetto has been proven in numerous clinical studies to be extremely beneficial at reducing prostate swelling while also protecting the prostate against future problems. You will find Saw Palmetto in virtually every single prostate product on the market. The clinical trial results on Saw Palmetto show that you need to take an “extracted” (in other words highly concentrated) form of Saw Palmetto to get the benefits proven in the clinical trials. But what many of the companies do , either knowingly or in some instances unknowingly, they fill their prostate pills with a worthless “powdered” non-extracted version of Saw Palmetto. These powdered herbs are absolutely worthless – literally.

The side of the bottle might say the product contains 400mg or 300mg of Saw Palmetto. That sounds great! It’s a number even higher than required by the studies. You think you are buying a good product, but it is simply not the case.

How and why does this happen? Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  1. The supplement industry is extremely competitive. To get on the shelves of a leading store like CVS or Wal Mart, you need to keep your prices super low or very often they will select the brand with the lowest price so they can make the most money. So companies cheat the consumer with garbage herbs to give the big chain stores low prices, in an effort to get on the shelves where they can make millions.
  2. Some companies are victimized by sneaky Chinese herbal exporters and manufactures who are quite cunning. Here is the trick these dishonest companies pull on American companies. Most herbs are purchased from China. Chinese companies send herbs over to America in 25Kg drums. What the sneaky companies do - the top 5% of the drum will be filled with the high potency extract (the good stuff), while the bottom 95% of the drum will be filled with a worthless, non extracted, powdered version of the ingredient (the worthless powered garbage). The Chinese company knows that most companies trust them, and imports thousands of different products and are quite busy, and do not test the herbs, and that even the companies that do test the potency of the herbs do so by simply scooping out some of the herb from the top of the 25Kg drum as a sample and test that portion. When that small “rigged” sample passes the test they assume the rest of the drum is the same quality material. We have discovered it is not. It is a major problem for consumers and one of the reasons our lab tests on finished products is the best barometer of what is truly in these products. You have to test the actual finished product.
  3. Another reason is that there are so many fly-by-night companies in the herbal business and they know that the average consumer is not going to buy a bottle of pills for $50 and then spend $1,000 to have it tested with a sophisticated laboratory potency analysis. They correctly assume a consumer will never know, and they will pocket all the extra cash but using cheap worthless ingredients.

Worthless powdered herbs is a big scam that is very cruel because men think they are doing the right thing by researching herbal prostate products and purchasing them thinking they are doing the smart thing to protect and nourish their prostate. And what really happens is their money is completely wasted since the products are worthless powder. But more unfortunately, they are not taking care of their prostate, though no fault of their own and that was their intention all along. So all the time spent taking worthless powered herbs was a missed opportunity to improve their health. It could have made the difference between great prostate health and serious prostate health problems. And it was through no fault of their own, just sneaky companies out to make a few extra bucks. But now you know!

Laced Pills the FDA doesn't know about

Scam #2
Pills Secretly Laced with Undeclared Prescription Drugs!

Laced Pills the FDA doesn't know about

There are many herbal products on the market today as you read this that claim to be “all natural”, but are in fact secretly laced with prescription drugs! Some in dangerously high amounts. Pretty scary.

One example of a prostate product that was taken off the market for killing some men because it was secretly laced was PC Specs. It was secretly laced with Warfarin and a few other drugs. Some men on certain medications should not be mixing their prescription drugs with Warfarin. Unfortunately some men did not know this product was secretly laced and died as a result of PC Specs. Needless to say this scam is very dangerous.

However, while prescription drugs being secretly concealed in prostate problems don’t happen very often, in the world of sexual enhancement drugs it happens ALL THE TIME. They are on the shelves all across the country right now as you read this.

Down at your local 7-11 type store or at gas station mini mart you have probably seen the packets of pills they sell behind the counter that are alternatives to Viagra. Most of these are in actuality secretly aced with Viagra or Calais, often in dangerously high amounts. The FDA has pulled over 100 male sexual enhancement products like this off the market for containing “unauthorized prescription drugs.” But new ones pop up all the time.

The way to tell if these pills are laced is by their price. The higher the price for one or two pills, the more likely it is that it is laced. So when you see two pills for $9.99 bet the farm it is laced. Remember, herbs are inexpensive. These secretly laced pills are so high because of the enormous risk they are taking by slipping drugs in them. They are fly-by-night companies that change names often and go in and out of business to avoid the authorities. Do not buy any sex pills that cost more than $1 a pill – they are very dangerous.

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Scam #3
Fake Doctors

Fake Doctors on prostate review sites

Some of the “doctors” touting prostate products on the Internet and through direct mail offers are absolute fakes. They are literally just made up. The photos of the so-called doctors can be purchased on the Internet for less than $5! Remember, to create a website is very inexpensive and it has been discovered that often high school kids are setting up websites offering miracle cures to make money. And direct mail is no different – false claims made by a photo of a doctor in a white lab coat seem legitimate to most people, but sometimes it is false.

While you might come to expect a fake doctor from some fly-by-night company or some high school prankster, you certainly don’t expect it from one of the largest prostate supplement companies in America, but that is exactly what happened.

A very high profile “Super” prostate company with ads on TV featuring a former NFL star quarterback and current TV announcer was the subject of a massive lawsuit for fraud for using a “fake doctor” in the TV commercial broadcast to millions and millions of men over years! Incredibly the company paid and actor to pretend he was a doctor and say he recommended this “super” product to all his patients. It was a total lie. The fellow in the lab coat was merely an actor! So beware of fake doctors – you can always Google anyone you have questions about.

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Scam #4
FREE Trial Scams

Free Trial Scams

Have you seen or heard an advertisement for a “free trial bottle” of a prostate supplement? Well very often these ads are complete scams. Here is how the scam works. You call the companies’ 800 number to claim your free bottle of the prostate pills advertised. They get all your information and tell you it’s only about $5 for the shipping. Now they have your credit card. In 14 days or 30 depending upon the company they send you another bottle of the pills at full price – normally over $75 and in one case (shown below) - $139 a month!!

They will then continue to send you the pills every month until you call them to cancel future shipments. The problem becomes that the scam companies – will never stop sending you products until you literally call your bank and cancel your credit card! It is a nightmare!

Some companies offer a free bottle, and then bill you every month. But they never tell you ahead of time – the details of this trick are in the tiny, tiny fine print. Prostate auto delivery clubs are becoming very poplar – they are offered by many legitimate companies as a service of convenience. Just like Dollar Shave Club which sends you new razors automatically every month. Many guys like to get a shipment every month so they don’t have to keep calling the company, and there is usually a cheaper price because it’s easier for the company. Just make sure you read the fine print and be sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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Look at the “fine print” which is very difficult to find on the website for a men’s health product called KingSize. As you will see they will automatically charge you a whopping $139 a mere 12 days after your free trial bottle. Pretty sneaky! Also look at the fine print in their return policy – they charge a 35% “restocking fee” if you return a product. So on $139 that is a “restocking fee” of roughly $49!! So if they can’t rip you off by sneaking a $139 charge on your credit card, if you protest and return the bottle you are still charge $49 for a bottle of worthless pills you never even ordered!! So beware of “free trial” gimmicks you see advertised.

Free Trial Scams

Scam #5
Counterfeit Products

The Counterfeit Products

Due to new research and clinical trials showing the health benefits of top quality prostate products, they have become extremely popular with sales expanding each year. And when a product becomes popular a market for knock-offs and counterfeits spins up. Prostate pills and men’s sexual health pills are an easy product to counterfeit. Unfortunately it is tough to police fly-by-night companies selling counterfeit products on giant websites like eBay and Amazon and others makes it easy to sell fake pills.

If you see a leading prostate pill brand being sold on eBay or at some other website for a very, very low price, chances are it’s a fake.

Remember, these products sell in the millions because they work, and it’s easy to manufacture a fake bottle. It’s not much different than guys on the street of big cities selling fake Rolex watches and fake Gucci and Prada purses. It is always best to deal with a reputable chain like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or other leading stores. Or if you shop online make sure you buy your male enhancement pills directly from the actual manufacturer. This way you know you are getting the real deal.

Scam #6
Counterfeit Fake Review Sites From Fly-By-Night Scamsters Dominated the Internet Products - Scam Prostate Site - Fake Review site on Prostate Supplements - Another site that promotes fake products

Remember, these products sell in the millions because they work, and it’s easy to manufacture a fake bottle. It’s not much different than guys on the street of big cities selling fake Rolex watches and fake Gucci and Prada purses. It is always best to deal with a reputable chain like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or other leading stores. Or if you shop online make sure you buy your male enhancement pills directly from the actual manufacturer. This way you know you are getting the real deal.