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Prostagenix - Our #1 Rated Product!

Our #1 Rated Product!

Review Highlights:
Rated #1
  • Outstanding Lab Test Score
  • Sophisticated Formulation Yields Top Results
  • Multphase Prostate Compound

Star Rating: 5 out of 5
Manufacturer: Verified Nutrition
Pills Per Bottle: 90
Suggested Dose: Three A day with or without a meal
Company Phone: 1-800-801-0294
Pricing: Can be as low as $29 a bottle depending upon how many you get and seasonal promotions.

Out of all the products we evaluated and tested in independent laboratory tests, this was the clear choice as the premiere prostate product on the market today. Not only is it the top product in the United States, but also it beat products from16 different countries in our now famous laboratory testing.

Manufactured by Verified Nutrition the lab score practically made our eyes pop out! Across the board it scored at the highest level. In fact, the second place product, (Vasotrexx, which is also outstanding 356 mg Beta-sitosterol), did not come close to matching the 824 mg level of Beta-sitosterol and 1,050 mg of total sterols found in each dose of ProstaGenix. They more than DOUBLED the second highest score in the world!

The company attributes the success of their product to their exclusive source of Beta-sitosterol called BetaRexin. It comes from France. They import it directly from the famous Landes of Gascony Forest in southwestern France. It is the largest maritime-pine forest in Europe (close to 4,000 square miles) and is next to the famed Bordeaux wine region.

BetaRexin is the purest, highest extract of Beta-sitosterol in the world. No other company has this, because the company has the exclusive worldwide rights to this unique compound.

Benefits of ProstaGenix

Here are some of the benefits that men are reporting about ProstaGenix.
  • Urgency – Gone!
  • Frequent Bathroom Trips – Gone!
  • Sleepless Nights – Gone!
  • Painful Urination – Gone!
  • Erection Problems – Gone!
  • Hesitancy and Dribbling – Gone!
  • Strong Urine Flow – Restored!
  • Get rid of the “gotta go” feeling for good.
  • Experience strong erections and satisfying sex.
  • Say goodbye to prostate problems for good.
  • Pee like a 20-year-old again.
  • Sleep restfully all night long … and wake up refreshed.

It is believed this version of Beta-sitosterol is more potent because of the soil in this section of France (this could explain the super high laboratory test score). Also, the fact that the forest is right next to the ocean and gets a different kind of air flow making the maritime pine trees taller and stronger than ordinary pine tress. Additionally, the fact that the soil has never been exposed to GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) or any chemicals is another reason it is so powerful and effective.

It is documented that men in France have a significantly lower rate of serious prostate issues and difficulties then men in the United States and Canada. The diet of men in France is similar to men in the USA and Canada, with steak, chicken, eggs, milk and cheese being a staple of most men’s diets– just like the men in France. It is believed this unique compound is a key reason why men in France enjoy better prostate health longer in life than men in North America.

The formula also contains a smart blend of 11 essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, selenium, and the all-important Vitamin D3.

Additionally, their polyphenol blend of grape seed extract, pomegranate extract and quercetin is an outstanding addition to the formula, especially at the 250 mg level as they have done. These ingredients have been shown in published clinical studies to be extremely beneficial to prostate health. These three help the prostate in a different way than Beta-sitosterol, so the combination of the ingredients is particularly effective. A well designed, sophisticated formula. No unnecessary ingredients have been included.

One of the most impressive things about the product are the testimonials that are displayed on the website. In an industry where many of the testimonials in brochures, on websites and even in television ads are 100% fake (one company actually had a man dressed as a doctor in their TV advertisement pretending to be a licensed medical doctor, when in fact he was just a actor!), the testimonials on the ProstaGenix website are incredible and more importantly are 100% authentic - we checked.

This product is a true superstar and we would like to congratulate Verified Nutrition and their formulation team for having created ProstaGenix, our clear choice as top prostate product that produces dramatic results for any man with prostate issues.

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To get an idea why ProstaGenix is held in such high regard, refer to their ingredient label: