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Prostagenix - Our #1 Rated Product!

Our #1 Rated Product!

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Rated #1
  • Outstanding Lab Test Score
  • Sophisticated Formulation Yields Top Results
  • Multphase Prostate Compound

            Out of the roughly 150 products we tested in our famous independent laboratory tests, this is the product that came out on top of the heap with the best score. Not only did it win in the lab, it won by a much wider margin than we ever anticipated. We were actually shocked to see that it got a score over 800 mg of Beta-sitosterol per dose and scored over 1,000 mg per dose of sterols. Those numbers are off the charts fantastic! And remember, those numbers are PER DOSE! That means there are more prostate beneficial ingredients in just one dose of ProstaGenix than most products have in their entire bottles!

So it is a great pleasure to name ProstaGenix the number one rated prostate pill.

Chart of Top 10 Products Key Testing Indicators

The chart above shows the Beta-sitosterol score and Total Sterol score of the Top 10 products we tested. The most important number is the Beta-sitosterol score. All 10 of these products achieved outstanding scores in the independent laboratory tests.

Here is a video illustration from Prostagenix that shows how the ingredients target your swollen prostate and reduce the swelling. This video clip is used with permission from Verified Nutrition LLC, the licensed trademark holder of ProstaGenix.

Benefits of ProstaGenix

Here are some of the benefits that men are reporting about ProstaGenix.
  • Urgency – Gone!
  • Frequent Bathroom Trips – Gone!
  • Sleepless Nights – Gone!
  • Painful Urination – Gone!
  • Erection Problems – Gone!
  • Hesitancy and Dribbling – Gone!
  • Strong Urine Flow – Restored!
  • Get rid of the “gotta go” feeling for good.
  • Experience strong erections and satisfying sex.
  • Say goodbye to prostate problems for good.
  • Pee like a 20-year-old again.
  • Sleep restfully all night long … and wake up refreshed.

            When you look at the formulators who created this outstanding product it should come as no surprise that they beat out all the other products. Developed by Verified Nutrition, whose scientific advisory board consists of several of the natural health industries most respected researchers and authors. Bill Sardi is known as the "Vitamin Man" achieved a "guru" status as one of the world's foremost experts on vitamins and supplements. He has written over a dozen books on vitamins and nutrition. Dan Kenner is another well respected researcher known for his work around the world investigating new compounds and also wrote the definitive herbal encyclopedia that most formulators use as the gold standard reference guide.

            As we have said many times the most important compound for your prostate health is far and away the plant sterol known as Beta-sitosterol. Numerous clinical studies confirm that this compound stands head and shoulders above all others at helping your prostate to be the best it can be, and this product is chock-full of it. Beta-sitosterol is what shrinks your prostate fast, which eliminates the need to get up in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. It also ends the urges most men with prostate problems experience. No other compound comes close to producing the results you get from Beta-sitosterol. It is also a documented cholesterol-lowering compound that is second to none.

            The rest of the ProstaGenix formula is also quite impressive. Not only does it contain 11 key vitamins and minerals including zinc,selenium, and Vitamin D3 to name a few(see the product label below), but it also contains a 450 mg proprietary polyphenol blend that consists of three key compounds that are dominating the recent research on prostate health for the last five years. The three compounds are: Quercetin, Grape Seed Extract and Pomegranate Extract. If you research the studies - human clinical studies - on these three polyphenols, you will want to gobble these pills up like popcorn! - that is how compelling and important the research on these compounds are. They have been shown to help with "serious" prostate issues and provide a level of support unmatched by any other compounds. That is why you see smart formulators use these three key ingredients more and more.

To get an idea why Prostagenix is held in such high regard, refer to their ingredient label:

ProstaGenix comes 90 pills to a bottle and you are instructed to take three pills a day.  Inside tip  - take them in the morning either before or after breakfast.

            Also worth noting is what is NOT in the formula. They don't waste any "cap space" on such debunked prostate herbs as saw palmetto, pygeum, lycopene and maca. The formula is ideally suited for immediate results as well as long term prostate health. You will be very pleased with the results you get with this outstanding product. It was an easy choice to rate ProstaGenix as the best pill on the market.