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Prostate 911

By: Phytage Labs
Massive Scam Dr. Steven Klayman Shills For this Fraud Like John Belushi's Character “Bluto” Blutasky in Animal House... Their Score is Zero Point Zero!

Prostate 911

If Charles Manson where a prostate pill - it would be this one. It's a total worthless piece of crap. The people behind this scam are behind multiple prostate scams. They should be busted for consumer fraud and tossed in jail - that's how much of a scam this is. I say this because they are lying to you, and taking advantage of guys like you. You have some prostate issues. You are looking for some answers and are trying to do something good for yourself - to help yourself. Fix your prostate, so you can sleep at night and not have to take a leak all the time. I was the same way - so was my father - didn't know much about prostate issues. Read some ads and bought some products etc.

Well, these guys should be in jail because all their ads are total lies and the lab test confirms the pills are nothing more than worthless powder in a bottle. That's all it is. They know they are lies. They use a doctor in their ads and pretend he is like the greatest doctor on earth and all your prostate problems will go away if you start taking their bottle of pills. But the pills are pure crap. Powder in a bottle—and they know it.

Prostate 911 Supplement Facts

Prostate 911 supplement facts

The lab reports shows is contains ZERO sterols. ZERO Beta-Sitosterol. Everything on the bottle is a lie. All the ads are lies. If you're a prosecutor reading this - go after these scumbags. I'm not a rat - but these guys are ripping off hard working guys who helped build this country, paid their taxes, helped out around their towns... GREAT MEN all over America and Canada too, from every background you can think of - and they are getting screwed by con artists like these guys. If I didn't pay to have all these lab reports done - no one would know any of this! Bad company. Bad guys. Shit pills. Lock them up!


Prostate 911 Lab Report:

Prostate 911 lab report

It's products like this that caused me to write this guide. They use a doctor to endorse the product, so you trust them. They lie through their teeth to you. Not only do they steal your money with their false claims and lies - but the product they send you is pure powder. So you get nothing at all. Your prostate gets worse.

I get threats from the bad guys in the industry all the time. I am exposing their scams, and they want to silence me. I don't care. F these conmen is what I say. And F Big Pharma and their lies too. I'm not afraid of any of them - I'll take the heat to help men like you to see the truth.

This product, like so many, is a complete and total scam.