This is the section of my website that most of the companies in the prostate industry hope you never see! That's because here you find out what is really in these products. Are the companies telling the truth? Which products have strong formulas? Which products are worthless? Is the product you use really any good? How does it stack up against the others? Well you are about to get the answer to those questions that only laboratory analysis can reveal.

The primary laboratory I used is the company Covance. They are widely regarded as the top testing company in the world. They have the best equipment, are incredibly accurate and do a great job.

Covance - Solutions Made Real

I have highlighted the two key scores on each lab report – the Beta-sistosterol score and total sterol score. These are the most important.

Covance - Solutions Made Real

These lab tests cost me over $217,000. But they were worth every penny, because now we know FOR SURE what these products REALLY contain.

Over 170 Reviews and Lab Reports.